Project 2: ASSISTS: App for Strengthening Services In Specialized Therapeutic Support

PIs: David Mandell, ScD, Melanie Pellecchia, PhD

Project ASSISTS will begin in mid-2019. Its aims are to:

  1. Conduct an innovation tournament among TSS and their supervisors to identify ways to increase TSS use of evidence-based practices like data collection;
  2. Observe and query 10 TSS workers in the field to examine how they collect data, the functional and structural barriers that impede their ability and willingness to collect data, and their intentions, attitudes, subjective norms and self-efficacy regarding data collection;
  3. Using rapid prototyping and testing, integrate Aim 1 & 2 findings into the Way To Health app, making data collection easier, more rewarding and more socially desirable, and refine the app based on our observations and data collection;
  4. Test the refined app with 30 TSS from three agencies other than those used in aims 1-3;
  5. Explore broader applicability of this technology with our partners to determine how use of other evidence-based practices could be objectively and inexpensively measured and rewarded.