The aim of the Behavioral Health Policy Research & Evaluation group is to translate research evidence into policy and practice findings; informing decision making by public behavioral health policy makers to maximize the effectiveness of public systems for children and adults with psychiatric needs and disabilities.

We provide expert policy development and change strategies consultation and technical assistance, based on the most current applied research. Our services will help you build more efficient and effective services through the use of best practices, integrated data systems, analytic applications and monitoring and evaluation methods to plan and manage complex services that result in optimal consumer outcomes.

Community Integration:  Community integration has been supported by the Americans with Disability Act and the Olmstead Decision, creating the legal and advocacy framework for community inclusion.  This legal/advocacy support for mental health consumers’ self-determination and the need for peer support have dramatically changed consumers’ lives in the community.  Our experience in working with the multiple domains of community inclusion includes the development of peer support programs, peer credentialing, housing supports, data support for program effectiveness, inpatient diversion programs, and program evaluation.

Olmstead Compliance:  Our experience developing the Olmstead Self-Assessment tool for State Mental Health Agencies (NRI)  has provided us with the knowledge and ability to work with states in the identification and management of datasets critical to implementing Olmstead Consent Decrees, including designing and implementing primary data collection to answer Olmstead queries, secondary data design and  analysis, and the development of targeted interventions.  We provide consultation and technical assistance in the following Olmstead-related activities.

  • Assessment for compliance legislation
  • Identification, collection and analysis of data for Olmstead planning and evaluation purposes
  • Analysis and integration state administrative data to monitor individual utilization patterns
  • Development of tools to measure the extent of “community integration” in your behavioral health system
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of programs that enhance community living
  • Development of Olmstead Plans

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact

Dr. Cynthia Zubritsky